Tyrrell Masse
Visual Artist

P. (Peggy) Tyrrell Masse is a visual artist who seeks to develop art that adds to the ambiance of one's living space. She also encourages individuals to experience art as a means of relaxation, rejuvenation, and to delve into their innermost selves. She believes that art is a critical and often unexplored avenue of wellness. Art leads individuals to center themselves and de-stress through its presence in their surroundings, fostering total harmony. A balanced life not only encompasses your health, but also the atmosphere in which you live.  You can contact her at masse0803@aol.com or 908-433-3988.

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A New Dawn

What are We Caught In?

Difficulty Making Decisions

Beginning to Come Forth



Inner Departure

A Strong Nest

Converging Moments

Understanding the Spirit

X-Ray View

Your Third Eye

There is No Escape-1

There is No Escape-2

There is No Escape-3

There is No Escape-4

Like Attract Like

Birth from Death

The Present

Reaching for Infinity


Begin It Now

Other People Stuff

Friendship is Love
with Understanding


Might As Well Dance

Breaking of the Shell

Art? You Just Do It

Let Go of the Win

Let Go of Superior

Let Go of Right

Do Not Give Up Hope

We Cannot Escape Fear

Thoughts are Like Boomerangs

Let Yourself Imagine

Live Out Loud and
Claim Your Power

Energy You are a Part Of

Sun Set

What a Deal

Trust Your Intuition

Star in the Night

An Afternoon



Expect to Grow Spiritually